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Single Units

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Aponogeton capuroni

Aponogeton capuroni Ref: WL024

Anubias congensis

Anubias congensis Ref: WP019

Anubias lanceolata

Anubias lanceolata Ref: WP020

Aponogeton capuroni

Aponogeton capuroni Ref: WP024

Aponogeton crispus

Aponogeton crispus Ref: WP026

Aponogeton natans

Aponogeton natans Ref: WP040

Aponogeton ulvaceus

Aponogeton ulvaceus Ref: WP045

Barclaya longifolia

Barclaya longifolia Ref: WP052

Blyxa japonica

Blyxa japonica Ref: WP055

Bolbtis heudelotii

Bolbtis heudelotii Ref: WP056

Cabomba aquatica

Cabomba aquatica Ref: WP058

Cabomba piauhyensis

Cabomba piauhyensis Ref: WP059

Cardamine lyrata

Cardamine lyrata Ref: WP063

Cryptocoryne lucens

Cryptocoryne lucens Ref: WP085

Cryptocoryne parva

Cryptocoryne parva Ref: WP087

Hottonia palustris

Hottonia palustris Ref: WP1013

Tonina species

Tonina species Ref: WP1040

Tonina fluviatilis

Tonina fluviatilis Ref: WP1041

Blyxa aubertii

Blyxa aubertii Ref: WP1049

Cyperus helferi

Cyperus helferi Ref: WP1082

Eleocharis parvulus

Eleocharis parvulus Ref: WP118

Eleocharis vivipara

Eleocharis vivipara Ref: WP119

Egeria densa

Egeria densa Ref: WP120

Salvinia cucullata

Salvinia cucullata Ref: WP1319

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis Ref: WP143

Staurogyne repens

Staurogyne repens Ref: WP1528

Pogostemon erectus

Pogostemon erectus Ref: WP1534

Blyxa alternifolius

Blyxa alternifolius Ref: WP159

Najas Indica

Najas Indica Ref: WP160

Buccephalandra titan

Buccephalandra titan Ref: WP1669

Buccephalandra Theia

Buccephalandra Theia Ref: WP1670

Nymphaea rubra

Nymphaea rubra Ref: WP183

Nymphaea rubra-bulb

Nymphaea rubra-bulb Ref: WP184

Ophiopogon japonica

Ophiopogon japonica Ref: WP189

Didiplis diandra

Didiplis diandra Ref: WP191

Pista stratiotes

Pista stratiotes Ref: WP192

Potamageton gayi

Potamageton gayi Ref: WP193

Rorippa aquatica

Rorippa aquatica Ref: WP195

Salvinia natans

Salvinia natans Ref: WP204

Utricularia species

Utricularia species Ref: WP215

Bolbtis heteroclita

Bolbtis heteroclita Ref: WP250

Cryptocoryne albida

Cryptocoryne albida Ref: WP296

Ophiopogon jaburan

Ophiopogon jaburan Ref: WP309

Dracaena variegatus

Dracaena variegatus Ref: WP342

Ludwigia sedioides

Ludwigia sedioides Ref: WP396

Marsilea crenata

Marsilea crenata Ref: WP399

Nymphoides aquatica

Nymphoides aquatica Ref: WP437

Cryptocoryne lutea

Cryptocoryne lutea Ref: WP442

Anubias hastifolia

Anubias hastifolia Ref: WP443

Ludwigia peruensis

Ludwigia peruensis Ref: WP444

Crinum aquatica

Crinum aquatica Ref: WP519

Anubias afzeli

Anubias afzeli Ref: WP523

Nymphoides species

Nymphoides species Ref: WP542

Egeria najas

Egeria najas Ref: WP551

Nymphaea micrantha

Nymphaea micrantha Ref: WP744

Ludwigia peruensis

Ludwigia peruensis Ref: WP982PM

Aquatic Shop |  Aquatic Plants |  Single Units

This catalog is reserved for registered customers only. Please contact us to register.